How It Works

We put you on a schedule of how often you need to or how often you choose to change your furnace filter. We then contact you 3 weeks before we do deliveries to make sure we are still on schedule to deliver. We do our deliveries the first and second week of every month and leave your filter wrapped up and with the invoice attached to the filter on your doorstep. You have 4 payment options which are call with a credit card, send us a check, leave your credit card on file with us, or we can bill you on PAYPAL. This helps to keep your furnace running correctly and saves you gas and time. The best part is that it is TOTALLY FREE DELIVERY.

We Make It Easy

You don't have to worry about finding your check book for every delivery, in fact you don't even have to be home. We'll leave your filters wrapped and on your doorstep for you, and we can keep a credit card on file or charge you via paypal. If you aren't completely satisfied with our service you can cancel any time, there's no contract or obligation involved.

Don't Miss a Filter Change

When you sign up for our filter maintenance program, you can rest easy knowing that you never have to remember to buy new filters again. Get your filters delivered to your door on a schedule of your choice, we'll call before we deliver to make sure that you still want to use the service so that you're never charged for a product you don't want.

Affordable Installation and Upkeep

If you’re enrolled in Filter Factory’s filter maintenance program, but still need some assistance with installation, no problem! Our team will install your new filters anywhere in your home or office building. We charge between $10 and $20 per installation depending on where your filters are located. Your interior air quality will be restored with our quality filter installation, and you won’t have to break the bank.

Learn more by calling Filter Factory today.