Not finding exactly what you need? If you own an old or unusual model of a furnace, you may need a non-standard size filter. Get the filters you need custom cut to size in any of the 3 common MERV ratings - 8, 11, 13 - when you shop at Filter Factory Outlet Store. Our filtering mediums are made from recycled materials so that they are both efficient and ecologically friendly.

Technical Terms

The new MERV 8 Pre-Pleat 40 filter features a filtering medium that is more efficient AND ecologically friendly. Made entirely from recycled materials, this media achieves MERV 8 efficiency with a low resistance to air flow. It is also unaffected by high humidity and is hydrophobic (non moisture absorbing). Pre-Pleat 40 Filters can upgrade existing flat panel filters as well as a MERV 6 or 7 pleated filters currently being used with little increase in resistance. Available in 1, 2, and 4 inch depths, standard and high capacity versions. All Pre-Pleat 40 Filters are 30-35% efficient by ASHRAE 52.1-92 and MERV 8. These filters are suitable for variable air volumes systems. Operating face velocity ranges are from 0 to 500 fpm for 1 inch and 2 inch filters, and from 0 to 625 fpm for 4 inch filters.

Technical Terms:

  • Anti-microbial Filters: Won't harbor growth of mold and bacteria
  • Natural Electrostatic: Attracts more dust and debris
  • Synthetic Fibers: Upstream electro-staticall charged E-Layer provides high initial efficiencies
  • Save Energy: Less restrictive, more efficient

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Regularly changing your filters is critical to maintaining good indoor air quality. Make sure that you know how long your filter is rated to run and change it on time.

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